Leangains On The Radio

Hey everybody, just dropping off some earcandy for those who keep hassling me about doing more talks. I will and India, the land of fasting, is first in line so prick those ears for a hearty conversation about intermittent fasting, fuckarounditis and everything else, ummms and ehhhms included.  Alright, y’all have a nice weekend now. I’ll […]

Interview Update and Some Random Goodies

The first interview I did back in 2008 also happens to be the most extensive. Though the basic Leangains protocol(s) hasn’t changed dramatically, Leigh Peele was kind enough to update and add the new information to the original interview. Martin Berkhan and Intermittent Fasting: Interview Speaking of Leigh Peele, I have reviewed her book on […]

The Secrets of Intermittent fasting

New interview at Wannabebig. Why You Should Be Skipping Breakfast: The Secrets of Intermittent Fasting. Would appreciate readers dropping by and their sharing experiences with my method in the discussion thread dedicated to the article. See other interviews here.

Dirty vs. Clean Dieting: Roundtable

I participated in a roundtable on Jamie Hale’s site a while ago. The topic was whether it mattered much if people ate clean (non-processed whole foods) or dirty (refined foods) during a diet assuming a caloric deficit was in place. Here’s my input: From a purely physiological standpoint, it probably doesn’t matter if you’re including […]

Interview with Kristine Weber: Part Two

Part two of my interview with nordic body fitness champ and intermittent fasting user Kristine Weber. Me: Could you describe your training routine – for example, do you have a preference for lower or higher volume, or lower or higher rep ranges? Do you stick with the basics or do you include a lot of […]

Interview with Kristine Weber: Part One

Andreaz Engström wasn’t the only one at the Nordic Championships using intermittent fasting to take first place in his category. Norwegian beauty and body fitness gold winner Kristine Weber is a big fan of the approach as well. Me: Tell us a little about yourself – anything at all you’d like to share with someone […]

Interviewed by Adam Steer

Here’s an interview I did with Adam Steer from Better is Better. Includes a book excerpt. Other interviews, discussions and articles: Interviewed by Leigh Peele Intermittent Fasting Roundtable Sure-Fire Fat Loss Excerpt from Knowledge and Nonsense There are only a handful of big names in the Intermittent Fasting game. As many of you will know, […]