Intermittent Fasting Roundtable + other stuff

Last week I participated in an intermittent fasting roundtable at Mike O’Donnell’s blog. Nothing groundbreaking if you’re familiar with the gist of my protocols and ideas, but well worth a read to see what Mike and Brad has to say about IF. On the topic of blogs, you should also check out Lyle’s six part […]

Updated Interview

You’ll find it here. This is a follow-up on the interview I did with Leigh Peele a while ago. New topics include women and IF, and why I believe IF is the best approach for maintenance. It’s quite length, but after having read it you’ll get a very good idea what my approach is all […]

E-mail exchange

Below follows a brief, and a bit informal, e-mail exchange with Matt Metzgar on intermittent fasting and how it can be used for muscle growth and fat loss. It may answer some questions the new reader may have about my methods, so I thought I’d put it up here. New readers may also wan’t to […]

BCAA roundtable

Do we need BCAA supplementation? The debate rages on. The following is an excerpt from Jamie Hale’s new book Knowledge and Nonsense: the science of nutrition and exercise. I recently gave my opinion on BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) in a roundtable discussion with HST founder Bryan Haycock, Alan Aragon and natural bodybuilder Layne Norton, among […]

What’s new + Interview

IFRP is now Leangains. Why? I thought Intermittent Fasting Recomp Protocol sounded overpretentious and gimmicky. Leangains is like honey on the tongue, can you taste it? I bet you can. Don’t act like you can’t. I bought where my upcoming website will be located. I have a great guy working on it, hopefully it […]