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I have a long waiting list. The method is unconventional and not for everyone. I’ll save us both time with this quote from an unpublished interview.

Most trainers cajole their clients, shower them with undeserved compliments, always ready to negotiate and compromise everything. The nicety game. The “the-client-is-always-right”-mindset. I have the “the-client-is-usually-wrong-and-does-not-know-what’s-good-for-him-or-her” mindset.

You see, people have all kinds of wild ideas and beliefs. Like a brain tumor, these ideas takes root in their head, poison the mind, initiate counterproductive behaviors. I’m a surgeon, so it’s my duty to remove these ideas. I grab people by the neck and show them my scalpel. ‘This might hurt for a little bit, but you will thank me later.”, I say. The procedure is unconventional and violent, but very effective. We’re both better off for it.

That’s how it’s done. How it’s always been done. Everyone prospers in the end. But those with sensitive hearts, turn elsewhere. Still interested – shoot me an email. When your time has come, it’ll be worth the wait.