I rarely have time to keep up with forums and the ongoing discussions these days, but occasionally I’ll take an hour or two and lazily browse around for a bit. Just found this post from a client on bb.com and thought it might be worth sharing. I just wanted to check into the IF thread […]

Regenerate your brain

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, I sure did. Just saw this piece on another site: ..both calorie restriction and intermittent fasting along with vitamin and mineral intake, increase resistance to disease, extend lifespan, and stimulate production of neurons from stem cells. In addition, fasting has been shown to enhance synaptic elasticity, possibly increasing the […]

The Leangains Approach pdf

Caleb Lee asked me to write an article for his new product and I thought it was a good opportunity for me to get the message out. Product page is here This product is primarily aimed at the beginner and consists of two e-books, interviews (mp3 + transcript in pdf) with seven trainers and a […]

Brief summary of popular approaches to intermittent fasting

Brief summary of the differences that exist between the various forms of intermittent fasting. If you’re unclear about what intermittent fasting is, read this. ADF (alternate day fasting, 36/12 hrs fast/feed). See also The Alternate-Day Diet, which is a milder form of ADF. While I don’t think The Alternate-Day Diet is an optimal approach for […]

E-mail exchange

Below follows a brief, and a bit informal, e-mail exchange with Matt Metzgar on intermittent fasting and how it can be used for muscle growth and fat loss. It may answer some questions the new reader may have about my methods, so I thought I’d put it up here. New readers may also wan’t to […]

My training methodology and IF for diabetes

Less is usually more I’ve added two testimonials from people I helped get their mind right with regards to weight training; Daniel Berglind and Albert Kuller (you’ll find them in the Testimonials section). Both used an IF protocol, in combination with a low volume lifting routine, centered on compound movements like the bench press, squat, […]

Satisfied clients, media controversy and morning workouts

Linda Mannila wrote an extensive review of her experience with the Leangains approach. Check out her blog to read it Linda clearly outlines what she feels is the primary benefits of the diet approach; less hunger, feeling satisfied despite losing weight and simplicity. Another client blogging here: Kenneth Johansen Kenneth made a deal with his […]