Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked

Or “Top Ten Diet Myths Debunked“. That would have fit almost as well. Ok, so in retrospect, I think I screwed up on the title. Many myths just happened to be connected to intermittent fasting (meal frequency, breakfast skipping, etc.). Well, live and learn. November 4th Addendum Section added at the end of the article. […]

Fasted Training For Superior Insulin Sensitivity And Nutrient Partitioning

I had intended to write about something different today, had it not been for this new and exciting study that came out a few days ago. The study, named “Training in the fasted state improves glucose tolerance during fat-rich diet“, adds to the scientific evidence that shows that fasted training may have unique benefits* that […]

Do Raspberries Stunt Muscle Growth? And much more

Some highlights from my twitter between January and April, with additional commentary. I tend to tweet about recent scientific findings and other stuff I find interesting. Do raspberries stunt muscle growth? Tweet: “I’m a sucker for raspberries and sometimes eat them by the pound as a treat with cinnamon or cacao. Raspberry ketones may have […]

Alan Aragon On Intermittent Fasting

My thoughts in IF, briefly, are that it’s a highly understudied area. The more research I review, the more I’ve come to find out how well-adapted the human species is to prolonged periods of zero food. There are several variants of IF, some are less conducive to typical recomp goals than others. I have come […]

The Mainstream Debunks The Myth

It’ about goddamn time. New York Times nonetheless. What I find frustrating is that he says “some” studies have found health benefits with smaller meals, when the opposite is true as well. And not to mention, while some studies found an insignificant increase in metabolic rate with a dozen mini-meals per day, the great majority […]