Best of Leangains Meals: Part 1

Once you go Leangains You won’t go back With meals like crack You’ll soon come back Each month a book And now you’re hooked Best of Leangains Meals: Part 1 Click this link to view the book in Google Documents. There’s no sign-in required and you can click “download original” if you want to save […]

Leangains Interviews, Meals, and Recommended Reading

For those of you who haven’t read the interviews with me over at Richard Nikoley’s site, head over there and check them out. Here’s the first part: “Martin Berkhan Means It.” Second part: “Martin Berkhan’s Workout Approach.” Third part: “Leangains: The Dietary Approach.” This is the latest one where I talk about net metabolizable energy […]

Amazing High Protein Recipes and Jack3d Review

This post will include a few random goodies: two awesome high protein recipes, the best tasting casein protein powders, a new BCAA recommendation, and a review of Jack3d. I’m a sucker for puddings and chocolate pudding with milk was probably one of the main contributors for my fatassitude when growing up. I could eat it […]

Leangains Meals Part Two

Time for some more Leangains certified meals from myself, clients and Leangains fans from all around the globe. Click the hyperlinked names after the headings if you want to see the person behind the meals. Post-workout meal XXXL roast beef platter with potatoes. This is a meal I’ve been eating a lot lately. I get […]

Leangains Meals

Figured I’d post some meals me and my clients are eating. Rest day meal This is a good way to start rest days. I’ll usually throw together some fattier cuts of meat and fry it with mushrooms, onion and veggies. Quick, easy and very satiating. 300-400 g ground lamb. I’ll use ground beef or ground […]