Time for some more Leangains certified meals from myself, clients and Leangains fans from all around the globe. Click the hyperlinked names after the headings if you want to see the person behind the meals.

Post-workout meal

Roast beef & Potatoes
XXXL roast beef platter with potatoes.

This is a meal I’ve been eating a lot lately. I get the roast beef fresh from the deli since that pre-packaged stuff usually makes me bloated as hell (all pre-packaged and conserved meats are loaded with sodium). Plus fresh roast beef is juicier and tastes a lot better.

  • 500 g roast beef
  • 500 g potatoes fried with 200-300 mushrooms and half an onion.
Roast Beef potato Wraps

I roll the roast beef slices up like wraps with the potato mix stuffed in between. Might dip it in some ajvar but I really enjoy the taste au naturale as well.

After that I usually go for one of my berry bowls.

Bowl of Strawberry mix
Shown above is 1 kg strawberries with some vanilla protein milk, cacao and sweetener.

I might also go for some protein pudding.

Bowl of Protein Pudding

60-90 g chocolate flavored milk protein isolate mixed with 1.5 dl water for each 30 g/1 dl powder. I enjoy this with some full-fat whipping cream. Might put this in the fridge for an hour – makes a decent substitute for ice cream.

Post-workout meal


Robert likes oatmeal and pizza post-workout.

Bowl of Oatmeal, with chopped Apple, milk, cinnamon and sweetener
100 g oatmeal with 200 g chopped apple, milk, cinnamon and sweetener.
Two homeade pizzas

These are made from:

  • 62 g tortilla bread
  • 20 g tomato pure
  • 65 g cheese (5% fat)
  • 50 g ham
  • 30 g shrimps
  • 20 g mushrooms
  • 40 g tomato
  • Fresh basil and oregano

Comes out to about 392 kcal, 44 g protein, 32 g carbs and 9 g fat per pizza. Pretty damn good macros for a pizza.

Post-workout meals and a rest day meal

(David AKA Mr Shreds)

Chicken, Broccoli, Potatoes with extras
David enjoys chicken, broccoli and potatoes with extras.
Hamburguers and Fries
And hamburgers with fries.
Typical English breakfast — Eggs, Bacon & Sausage
English breakfast on rest days.

Cheesecake mastery level 2


Gary celebrated the end of his cut with one hell of a cheesecake. This made me painfully aware that I need to sharpen my own cheesecake mastery skills to keep rivals like Gary at bay. I haven’t had cheesecake for a good while now, unfortunately.

Chocolate Cheesecake
2.7kg Cheesecake
This beast weighed in at 2.7 kg.
Cheesecake with a portion taken out

God damn, that looks so good.

Rest day meal


This is what Marjan eats just before hitting the sack.

Plates with Beef and Mushrooms — Cottage cheese and Blackberries
  • 400 g beef with fried mushrooms
  • 250 g cottage cheese
  • 100-150 g blackberries

Post-workout and a rest day meal


3 Bowls of Cereal and Protein shakes
An evil insulin-spiking meal is what Bob likes to eat post-workout. No wonder he’s fat.
  • 400 g cereal
  • 3 scoops whey protein mixed in blender
Plate full of Gyros meat
3 lbs of gyros meat is another one of Bob’s favorites.

Cheeseburger mastery level 4


Josh is well known for his cheeseburger mastery and was kind enough to share some of his secrets with us.

Josh in front of a big Cheeseburger

Start your session by sitting in an upright position and place both hand on the table. This will prepare your body and mind for the task at hand” says Josh.

John eating a big cheeseburger
There is much debate about the optimal meal drink in cheeseburger mastery circles. The old guard tends to favor milk shakes but coke is quickly gaining popularity among the younger and more liberal masters. Unfortunately, I will not provide details about what I’m drinking here – I’m saving that for the book.
John looking satisfied
It is crucial to employ a rest period of 15 seconds every 8th chewing. Beginners typically go at it too fast and risk burnout.

Ok, that’s all for today. If you have you have a favorite meal you like to eat on your Leangains plan, you can send them over and I might include them in future food posts. Just make sure they follow the general guidelines for rest and training day meals, and ideally include some measurements the way I’ve done here. I’d appreciate your contribution.

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