Once you go Leangains
You won’t go back
With meals like crack
You’ll soon come back
Each month a book
And now you’re hooked

Best of Leangains Meals: Part 1

Click this link to view the book in Google Documents. There’s no sign-in required and you can click “download original” if you want to save the pdf to your computer.

There you go, folks. A splendid collection of meals and recipes from the first month of The Leangains Facebook Page. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. And feel free to stop by the Facebook Page if you haven’t already. It’s quite active, and provides a constant stream of meals, recipes, discussions, etc.

Bowl of cooked goose
There’s so many cakes, muffins, treats, and desserts in the book, so I better show off the meaty remains of last weekend’s Goose Mastery, for balance. This evening also included some medium-sized Cheesecake Mastery, as usual.

Thanks to David Bustamente who took the initiative to put this fine recipe book together. A great thing, for sure. I thought it would be nice to publish one of these on a monthly basis, so I’ve arranged with David to make that happen. There’s certainly enough material coming in to make up the content.

So, there’s going to be another recipe book with meals from this month (November) in a few weeks. On top of this, that, and the Holiday eating…Well, hold on to your abs! In these trying times, it’s fortunate that we have these excellent strategies at our disposal:

Cheat Day Strategies for a Hedonist.

Can you avoid fat gain during cheat days and holiday feasts like Thanksgiving and Christmas? Sure, you can. But if you’re a big eater that loves food, like me, it’s more a question of minimizing fat storage than attempting to avoid it. And trust me, there’s a few nifty strategies that can be used for damage control while still enjoying holiday hedonism, cheesecake mastery and spontaneous feasts of all sorts.

The Leangains Guide.

The Leangains approach is the ultimate form of systematic gluttony. If you’re new to this site, you better make damn sure you read the guide.

In case you can’t get enough, here’s more Leangains Meals.

Two Cheesecakes
Christmas 2010. The Twin Cakes. 6 lbs of raw cheesecake combined, so dense and powerful that they made the Earth shake. I will never forget that fateful night. “No entity, human or otherwise, can withstand 6 lbs of cheesecake in one evening…much less a thrill-seeking vagabond like you, young Berkhan.” The battle raged on for hours. The might of The Twin Cakes…unfathomable to the normal human mind.  But in the end, I am still here, and they’re not. Ah, such a feast it was. But a greater challenge lies ahead this Christmas, I fear. They say a dark and antediluvian force has awakened in the North. It’s in the cold wind, and it whispers “Brace yourself. The Cheesecake Cometh.”

P.S. There will be a major new article – a few the way this is going – instead of just an update of “Fuckarounditis”, so rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about that. If something is worth addressing, you might as well do it well, or don’t do it all. Stay tuned.

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