Making High Frequency Training Work: Part One

Updated Oct 7th, see bottom. As many of my readers know, I have favored low volume, high intensity training performed relatively sparingly. At the extreme end of this spectrum is the type of routine I built my foundation on, such as the one I wrote about in The Minimalist. Here, I performed three different sessions […]


I’ll have another Q&A up soon, but I figure I’d drop by real quick and link some worthwhile reading and listening material. Ryan Zielonka writes about his experience with my RPT system. “Intelligent HIT – the kind promulgated by Martin, at least – keeps volume to a minimum. Major movements are trained infrequently. Martin has […]

The Minimalist

When it comes to training, I’m a minimalist. I don’t “attack the bi’s from different angles”. I do chins with an extra 100 lbs around my waist. I don’t spend any time “working the core”. I never do ab work. I squat and do triple body weight deadlifts. I don’t “feel the burn”. I give […]

Reverse Pyramid Revisited

I’ve been using a wide variety of training strategies over the years, but the one training style I was most successful with was low volume, high intensity training employed in a reverse pyramid fashion. A google search on “reverse pyramid training” (RPT) brings you to an article by someone called Randy Herring. You can check […]