I started writing on my book May 1st, 2017. 1 If someone would’ve told me what lay ahead, I’m not sure I would’ve followed through. Because book writing’s a bitch. Don’t let anyone tell you different. 2But I did follow through. And when all’s said and done, I’m happy with the result. I think you will be too.

Yup, book’s done. 3 Currently awaiting copyediting, typesetting and formatting in the hands of professionals. Last week, I handed over the 204-page Word manuscript to the team and we discussed dates. Happy to say The Leangains Diet will be out for print and Kindle June 18th. Shove it, George. I won. 4

That’s that. Let me address some things before I leave you be:

  • I’ve previously thrown out ill-informed ETAs left and right and they’ve been far off the mark. My apologies, but I didn’t know any better, and the project kept growing. Fair to say the book has gone through dramatic changes. All for the better.
  • Previously stated I planned on releasing two books this year. To make a long story short, not the case any more. The Leangains Diet is the only book I plan on releasing this year or any year until further notice.
  • The book contains new science and cutting edge techniques that will make you shit your pants. Everything backed up, everything rock solid. Enlisted a third party research consultant and Alan Aragon to make sure. (AA liked the book – writing the foreword.)
  • Science aside, this is a very practical book; a complete how-to manual for fat loss in a genre sorely lacking.5
  • Theory and practice is all gravy, but this book will shake things up and set your priorities straight. Means you got 47 days left to fuck around, pal. Make the most of it while you still can. *

*…Or consider Leangains Patreon for a head start on the summer. Listen, everyone’s a fucking bore in this business. Bullshitters be bullshitting, nothing new there. Good guys? Over there, debunking keto or making infographics about macros.  If that’s your thing, cool. But LG Patreon is different. Here, bullshit gets handled real quick so we can focus on more important topics. Like how to get strong, ripped and better.

And with Q&As and articles like  “A Single Quality of Utmost Importance”, you’re two steps ahead of everyone else. 6 Why? Because I’m two steps ahead of everyone else –  you get to listen and take notes.

And you know what? With premium training programs like Chin-up God and Patreon RPT, you’ll have a physique to match those smarts. Got questions or concerns? Ask away, because I’m there every day. So is Patrick and Zach, my trustworthy assistants. It’s not for nothing LG Patreon is ranked 5th in Education on Patreon. That’s all, folks. In case you needed a reminder.

P.S. The featured image was originally intended as concept art for the first version of the book (it evolved into another direction). Name of the artist is Axl Andersson. (axlandersson on IG)

  1. I’ve started and ended this project twice in the past. Third time’s a charm, I guess.
  2. Know who likes to write? People who are bad at it.
  3. “Done” is such a relative term when it comes to books. This one still requires my full  attention during the copyediting process.
  4. George R.R. Martin. Inside joke.
  5. Countless diet books. Only a few lays it out clearly. Isn’t that weird? Aside from Body for Life by Phillips, Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle by Venuto, The Lean Muscle Diet by Schuler and Aragon, I struggle to think of more books that would qualify. Let me know if you do. I’m genuinely curious – the lack of good how-to-diet-books is discussed in the introduction to mine.
  6. A Single Quality of Utmost Importance is my best article ever according to several Patrons.
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