Happy New Year everyone. Let’s get to it.

Writing to clarify and give an update on the elusive Leangains book.

  1. Plan on releasing two this year. One, the fabled Leangains official,  will arrive late 2018 (probably in the fourth quarter). Writing diligently, consistently, and have an editor.  I’m making an effort. Can’t say the same for past attempts.
  2. The other book is due for release shortly. In my last post hinted an ETA of Jan 2-9, but that’s too early. In other words, it’s been delayed. But (ultimately) don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
  3. Why the delay? Several reasons, some outside my control. First, website overhaul took more time and energy than expected – need to finish the last 10%.  Second, technical fact checking not complete – though should have been. Managed by a third party/independent researcher. Third, not happy with book cover. Need a new one. Interested? Send portfolio to martinberkhan at gmail dot com. Fourth, change of plans. Instead of a run-of-the-mill-pdf, publishing via Kindle/Amazon. This presents some new challenges related to packaging and formatting. P.S. Won’t need a Kindle to read it, but will need the kindle app on your mobile device or computer.
  4. When is the new release date? As soon as technical fact checking and book cover are complete, I’ll send the manuscript to Amazon so they can put it up as pre-order. My goal is to make pre-orders available this month.
  5. Lastly, what’s this book about? I can say this: One, nutrition. Two, game changer. It’ll change how you think and what people  consider facts. Everyone thought and said all sorts of crazy things before I came along and set them straight about meal frequency and fasting. Here to set the record straight again. In my humble opinion – sarcasm – this is the only innovative diet book in the last 10 years –  not sarcasm.

Now you know. Few things before I go:

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All right, done. About to go deadlift. You should too – or else…

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