How To Look Awesome Every Day

Shortly before and after New Year’s Eve, there’s always a slew of articles and blog posts about how to train and burn off the holiday pounds. They mostly preach the same message about taking it easy and not overdoing it. It’s such a tired and boring topic, so I’ll spare you that. Last year around […]

Fasted Training Boosts Muscle Growth?

A recent study shows fasted training affects the post-workout anabolic response to weight training more favorably than fed-state training. This study is very interesting to say the least, since it lends scientific support to explain the beneficial effects from both fasted-training and Leangains-style intermittent fasting. Let me give you the lowdown on this study in […]

What’s My Genetic Muscular Potential?

Lyle wrote an article based on conversations with me, Alan Aragon and Casey Butt, with regards to the maximum muscular potential of natural lifters and realistic rates of muscle gain. Here’s my take on the issue. Martin Berkhan of has a somewhat simpler model than Casey’s, also based on his observation of top level […]