…and again

Nice personal story from a former client of mine on the topic of meal frequency. Check it out Jc had a blog called Fitness Food Porn, which later turned into the more politically correct Fitness Food Blog. He revamped his site completely and now has lot’s of new content. Worth spending some time there. Also, […]

Meal frequency again

This just in from Lyle. Meal Frequency and Energy Balance – Research Review I’d note, tangentially and I’ll come back to this below, that there is no data in humans that skipping a single meal or even a day’s worth of meals does anything to metabolic rate. Human metabolism simply doesn’t operate that quickly and […]

Excerpt from my upcoming book

Since I talked about meal frequency in the BFFM book review, and how 99% of diet/fitness books keeps reiterating the same old jargon about how several small meals a day ‘stokes/fires up your metabolism’, I thought I might as well go ahead and clear up the confusion surrounding this subject. Note: Tom has changed his […]