“Eat Stop Eat Expanded 5th Edition Review”, or simply “the only Eat Stop Eat-5 review worth a damn”, like most folks call it, will include several interesting features this year. Like always, you come out a lot smarter after one of my book reviews, regardless of whether you buy the book or not.

Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat started out good, and became really good with the massively updated re-release, Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition. Living up to its predecessor’s relative impact during the time it was released, seems like a tall order, so what does Brad Pilon bring to the table with the third re-release of the intermittent fasting classic from ’07?

Eat Stop Eat Expanded 5th Edition Review

I still remember the day when I read that email from Brad, thinking it was a strange coincidence that he was into the same stuff as I was. Maybe the bastard was trying to rip off my stuff, I thought, take advantage of the rapidly increasing popularity of Leangains, eager to get a free ride.

Lots of folks doing everything and anything to get on this bandwagon nowadays, integrity be damned. Just call yourself an expert on whatever’s in fashion for the moment and let Google Ad dollars, a half-decent copywriter, “creative” diets (AKA shit you make up as you go along), and a good list take care of the rest. Luckily, that was never Brad’s style.

He put his back into it, brought his own stuff to the table with the first scientifically referenced book about about intermittent fasting, and this is yet another improvement over the last one. A bit better, thicker and more updated – but far from the massive update we got last time, but that’s unreasonable to expect, of course.

New Stuff

So specifically then, what’s new here?

“Big changes are the chapters on autophagy, a cleaned up chapter on ‘cardio’, more on hunger, testosterone and dieting, and a bit more on GH. All in all, cleaner and more concise, more focusing in on fasting, plus I found that one pesky sentence that people quote saying I don’t think fasting under 18 hours works, and corrected it.” Brad told me.

Let me cut to the chase, because there isn’t much else to add here in terms of pros/cons from this perspective, if you’ve read my review of the last edition. This is a must-have for anyone interested in intermittent fasting right now. In summary, a good book just got better, and you better get it pronto (if you want to take part in the Q & A session, starting later tonight*. I’ll be around answering your questions, while writing a critical/expert’s review of Eat Stop Eat Expanded 5th Edition, Berkhan style (IF specific), and Brad is then free to hop in or answer the critique.

*might put this off: don’t sit up and wait for me.

Leangains Vs Eat Stop Eat

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Two intermittent fasting experts enter.

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