Having barely recovered from the last bout a few weeks ago, I sensed a new war brewing on the horizon.

This time the enemy would prove to be a formidable opponent. Facing powerful magic from the gods, I had to employ a new strategy to overcome it. Brute force was not an option. Wits and cunning was the name of the game.

After having warmed up properly, the cheesecake arrived. It appeared fairly modest and unintimidating at first. Similar in size to my first opponent and lacking the whipped cream-carapace of my second opponent. Surely this would be an easy match for my carefully honed skills. Or so I foolishly thought…

Suddenly the goddess Athena appeared out of nowhere and cast a powerful magic spell on the wretched cake!

Cheesecase and statue with bubble head that reads 'SHOW THIS FOOLISH MORTAL THE POWER OF THE GODS'
Upon taking the first bite I sensed that this was going to be no easy battle. The spell had imbibed the cheesecake with supernaturally satiating properties. But I fought bravely.
I did well for a time, but after two thirds of the cake I could no longer fit another piece in. This damned cake would win if I did not come up with a new plan.
Martin thinking how should he proceed
I was ready to return home as a defeated and broken man when I suddenly heard a booming voice to my right. An owl-god had appeared and offered some sage advice.
Picture of an owl figure. Temper Thyself human, Divide and conquer, thisis the only way to defeat thine opponent
“Divide and conquer”…Why hadn’t I though of that before? Surely this was the right strategy to employ when facing a magically enhanced cheesecake. No mortal can consume such a creation in one sitting.

So I sealed the cheesecake in a box of the finest quality and brought it back to my haven.

Cheesecake in a Gucci Box
And there I made quick work of it later in the evening.
Cheesecake with some whipped cream on a plate
That’s cottage cheese and heavy whipped cream on top if anyone wonders.

I can already hear the purists among you protesting that this is not True Cheesecake Mastery. After all I used the divide and conquer-technique. I did not consume it in one sitting as I have done in the past. But ask yourselves this: can you fight fairly against the magic of the gods? I think not.

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