This Easter I went head to head with my one of the most brutal foes I have faced so far: a cherry cheesecake covered in heavy whipping cream. Man versus cake in a fight to the finish.

While my last foe was impressive in terms of sheer power and bulk, it was also unsophisticated and predictable. I conquered it easily. This one had a trick up its sleeves. The heavy whipping cream was unexpected and deadly. I felt this was going to be a challenge; especially considering that I was weakened from the mounds of eggs, salmon, roasted lamb and assorted meats I had consumed minutes before. It was a devious cake they had prepared for me. One that might very well have proved to be my undoing.

At first it seemed cherry cheesecake was gaining the upper hand by dark powers of intimidation. Could I break through the thick outer shell of heavy whipping cream – and not to mention could I finish all of it? The task seemed impossible. Doubt was beginning to set in.

But once I broke through the whipping cream I found it’s weak point – the moist soft core. After that I made quick work of it. Victory was mine.

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Martin Berkhan — Comic Strip (Mortal Combat based)

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