Fitness Blog of The Year

Text: “Popular over here, but really popular abroad.” According to the Swedish fitness and bodybuilding magazine “Body”. It ain’t the Nobel Prize but it’s something. Client and former Nordic bodybuilding champ Andreaz Engström took a very respectable third place with his blog “No Sugar Added.”

Leangains Goes Global

I’m thrilled to have such an enthusiastic and loyal following. Thanks to a few of them, two of my most popular articles have been translated into several languages. You’ll find links to the various translations in this post. Swedish translations of “Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked” and “The Truth About Alcohol, Fat Loss and Muscle […]

Healthy Business Awards and a Few Good Reads

So apparently I’m nominated for “Role Model of The Year” in “Healthy Business Awards 2010”. I guess you could say it’s the Swedish fitness industry’s version of the Emmy’s. Here’s what it says for nominations in my category: “This award goes to the person that during the past year has made an effort or an […]

An Announcement and a Few Good Reads

After winning “Who is your favorite health/fitness blogger?”(thanks to everyone who voted) at Health Habits I was approached and asked whether I wanted to join the Hive Health Media network. After reading the terms, and looking at some of the other blogs in the network, I thought I wouldn’t have anything to lose by at […]

Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition Review

Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition is the newly released update of Brad Pilon’s three-year-old book about intermittent fasting. This is the first and only review you’ll need to read on it. Right off the bat, let me say that the new edition is a tremendous improvement over the original Eat Stop Eat. Brad has given […]

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program Review

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program Concurrent muscle gain and fat loss is the most difficult goal to achieve. That’s why people call it the “Holy Grail”; because it’s so elusive. Tom Venuto Who is this book for? Anyone seeking the most coveted goal of them all: losing fat while gaining muscle. Body recomposition. What […]

Intermittent Fasting Blogs

I’ve seen lots of new bloggers reporting about their success with the Leangains approach to intermittent fasting, so I thought I’d add them here in case anyone wants to check them out. Leangains results at SuperBootCampsBlog. Added April 7th. Bodyrecomposition with Leangains. Added Dec 3rd. Leangains: Martin Berkhan Means It. Added Dec 3rd. Martin Berkhan […]

Do Raspberries Stunt Muscle Growth? And much more

Some highlights from my twitter between January and April, with additional commentary. I tend to tweet about recent scientific findings and other stuff I find interesting. Do raspberries stunt muscle growth? Tweet: “I’m a sucker for raspberries and sometimes eat them by the pound as a treat with cinnamon or cacao. Raspberry ketones may have […]

Comments gone, here’s why

I just switched from blogspot to a custom domain. For some reason all comments made before the switch are gone and the tweet button is reset to zero on all posts. This sucks, but I’m hoping it’ll be back to normal in 24-48 hrs (Will it? Let me know if you have any experience with […]