Help Contribute to Findings About Intermittent Fasting

Undergraduate and graduate students in NYC needed for a research study. Participate in a brief research study (approximately 45 mins) at The New School for Social Research (located in Greenwich Village, 1 block from USQ). Participants must have actively participated in an intermittent fasting pattern of eating for at least 1 month prior to taking […]

Consequence and Clarity

I’m a lot less naive than I was a year ago. I’m still naive enough to believe that I can explain something very few people might be able to understand. I’m writing and rewriting this article over and over again. Countless forms of the same damn thing. In the end it always ends up being […]

Like Water

Earlier today, someone asked me about my biggest failures on my road to success, and I answered that they all came from stubbornly clinging to old ideas, and refusing to let go of them in spite of negative consequences. Here’s a part of my response: This kind of irrational behavior is termed the “sunk cost fallacy”. […]

Ten Great Books to Expand Your Horizons

I’ve always been a voracious reader and even though I get most of my reading fix from scientific journals these days, I try to squeeze in an interesting book whenever I get a chance. “Interesting” to me usually means whatever topic I find interesting at the moment. And when something piques my interest, I binge […]

Fitocracy Invites

Feeling fat and sluggish after Thanksgiving? Motivation lacking? Need someone to give you a kick in the pants to get going? Well, look no further, because I got 1000 Leangains exclusive Fitocracy invites for you. That’s right, Christmas comes early this year. What is Fitocracy, some of you might wonder? Fitocracy is a unique and […]

The Official Leangains Facebook Page

Ok, so since I’ve pretty much reached the 5000 friends limit on my Facebook profile, I’ve made a Leangains Facebook page. The activity on my regular profile has been pretty intense, with lots of discussions, success stories, meal photos, recipes, interesting links and new research, etc, and I’m hoping that will continue on the fan […]

Interview Update and Some Random Goodies

The first interview I did back in 2008 also happens to be the most extensive. Though the basic Leangains protocol(s) hasn’t changed dramatically, Leigh Peele was kind enough to update and add the new information to the original interview. Martin Berkhan and Intermittent Fasting: Interview Speaking of Leigh Peele, I have reviewed her book on […]

Why I Added a Donation Button

I just added a donation button to my site because readers have been asking for it in comments, PMs, emails and so forth. I’m temped to say that it’s almost by request, but honestly the only reason it wasn’t up before was because I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in donating. I tend […]

How To Walk The Talk and Unlock Your True Potential

For some this just might be the most important article you ever read. For me it was satisfying because it will possibly be as no bullshit as it gets. Those that liked and could relate to “The Marshmallow Test” will find a few similarities here. Friends always come to me for nutrition and training advice […]

Poll: Do You Have Any Issues With Viewing or Loading My Site?

Some folks have reported issues with viewing or loading my site. Such as: site takes a long time to load, site freezes or the browser is spazzing out. Going by some feedback, it seems to be mainly Internet Explorer (7.0 or lower) and Firefox with tons of extensions causing trouble. It seems my site is […]