Some folks have reported issues with viewing or loading my site. Such as: site takes a long time to load, site freezes or the browser is spazzing out.

Going by some feedback, it seems to be mainly Internet Explorer (7.0 or lower) and Firefox with tons of extensions causing trouble.

It seems my site is best viewed with Google Chrome and Safari. I’m personally using Chrome, which in my opinion is the fastest and most user friendly browser, and I’ve never had any issues with it.

Either way, I’d appreciate if people who’s having issues, or has had issues, took the time to fill in the poll I’m running. It’s located right below “About the author” on the right sidebar. That would allow me to identify the culprits and give recommendations on what browsers this site is best viewed with.


Here are the results from the poll.

  • Firefox: 18%<
  • Google Chrome: 12%<
  • Internet Explorer: 65%<
  • The remaining 5% were split between Safari, Opera and Netscape Navigator.

I think it’s quite clear that it’s mainly Internet Explorer causing issues.
Thanks to everyone that voted.

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