The Secrets of Intermittent fasting

New interview at Wannabebig. Why You Should Be Skipping Breakfast: The Secrets of Intermittent Fasting. Would appreciate readers dropping by and their sharing experiences with my method in the discussion thread dedicated to the article. See other interviews here.

Malcolm Gladwell on Low Carb Diets

Following up on my article about the fat fallacy and anti-fat propaganda of the 80s and 90s, I thought it would be fitting to cover the carbophobia of more recent times. The origins of carbophobia can be traced back to the late ’90s. Just about the same time that the public was starting to realize […]

Diet Mythology: Ancel Keys and The Fat Fallacy

Bad science breeds diet mythology. Somewhere along the way someone screws up. The screw-ups can range from borderline deception and outright idiocy to a more subtle kind that is not apparent upon closer scrutiny and careful reflection by a third party. Sometimes the devil is in the details. In many cases the mass media is […]

Fasted Training Boosts Endurance and Muscle Glycogen

In this article I wrote about a study that showed an anabolic rebound effect during feeding after fasted weight training. The title of that article ended with a question mark, since it was a (very) short-term study with results that were far from conclusive in regards to fasted training being superior to fed state training. […]

Gymboss Review

What is this? The Gymboss is a small, easy-to-use, dual-mode, interval timer. What do I use it for? It can be used for a large variety of training protocols where time is an important variable. I’ve tested it for HIIT and weight training. Test number one: HIIT: 15 s sprint/45 s walking x 10. For […]

Brand New Everything

This is my 100th post and I thought it would be fitting to switch it up a little with regards to the blog template. While I liked the old dark layout, I also received complaints about the text being hard to read and the blog being less than ideal in terms of user friendliness. I […]

Three Meals Superior for Appetite Control

The six meals a day dogma gets knocked again. Badly. It wasn’t too long ago that the mainstream media caught wind of the fact that there is no difference with regards to fat loss on lower versus higher meal frequencies. Now a new study shows that three meals a day is actually superior to six […]

Book Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets Written in a straight forward, easy to understand manner, Muscle Gaining Secrets provides the road map to success which can instantly be applied by anyone. Jason Ferruggia Who is this book for? This book is primarily directed towards “hardgainers,” but everyone spinning their wheels with the generic high-volume muscle magazine-esque pump-routines would […]

Alan Aragon On Intermittent Fasting

My thoughts in IF, briefly, are that it’s a highly understudied area. The more research I review, the more I’ve come to find out how well-adapted the human species is to prolonged periods of zero food. There are several variants of IF, some are less conducive to typical recomp goals than others. I have come […]