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Welcome to the new and improved Leangains! The move from Blogger to WordPress has been a long time coming. Now that it’s done, I’ve a hard time explaining why it took so damn long. Guess one of my many shortcomings is trying to do everything myself, and that means some things never get done. Or take […]

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Updated October 25th After last month’s scientific debacle, there’s finally a good study on intermittent fasting and lifting. This one comes from Italy and also involves Grant Tinsley, but the change in scenery and colleagues must have done wonders for the man, because this is truly a huge bump in quality compared to his last publication. […]

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Finally, the first study on intermittent fasting and weight training has arrived. Thank God. I have been waiting since 2006 to find out. My body is ready.  The title of the study is Time-restricted feeding in young men performing resistance training: A randomized controlled trial. I previously mentioned it in Intermittent Fasting: Where Are We Now? and now that the paper […]

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Undergraduate and graduate students in NYC needed for a research study. Participate in a brief research study (approximately 45 mins) at The New School for Social Research (located in Greenwich Village, 1 block from USQ). Participants must have actively participated in an intermittent fasting pattern of eating for at least 1 month prior to taking […]

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It’s been a good while since I last wrote about intermittent fasting. I guess largely because there’s only so much to say about the topic and because I feel like I’ve said most of it. Unless you’re going to make inferences based on animal studies, there’s only so much you can extrapolate from the human experience […]

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