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Leangains Patreon

Good news, friends! Leangains is now on Patreon. Got questions burning a hole in your head? Want my opinion on something? Show your support with a single buck and have your questions answered in the question thread. I’m there daily. Enjoy the Q&A-series in my newsletter? For $10 you can read Patreon-exclusive Q&As, more like mini-articles, […]

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Reverse Pyramid Training FAQ

Questions and answers related to reverse pyramid training and weight training in general. An ongoing work in progress. Subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to get notified on updates to the FAQ. Foresee a damn long read when all’s said and done. Q: Is the +2.5 increase in the article […]

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The Reverse Pyramid Training Guide

My physique and strength are built on Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT). My clients? RPT. In my 19 years of weight training, I’ve tried countless methods, but always revert back to RPT. It’s the most reliable and effective I’ve ever come across. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be using it. I’m not married to methods, only results. […]

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My Books: ETA

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s get to it. Writing to clarify and give an update on the elusive Leangains book. Plan on releasing two this year. One, the fabled Leangains official,  will arrive late 2018 (probably in the fourth quarter). Writing diligently, consistently, and have an editor.  I’m making an effort. Can’t say the same […]

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Leangains Site Guide

For beginners wanting the ins and out of my methods, or long-time readers who may have missed a hidden gem or two, I wrote a site guide. This will provide a coherent overview of essential reading as it relates to intermittent fasting, nutrition and good training practices. Let me know if you think something’s missing. Dec 14th: […]

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