…For fucking up the fitness industry once again. What can I say? Guilty as charged. Flipped them a bird and gave ’em cheesecake crumbs from 16:8-day. Whats that, they asked. Settlement, bitch. Take it or leave it. And they did, for now.

Listen, guys. It’s been a week now and The Leangains Method is a success. It’s #1. It’s the new wave. In this brief moment of time, righteousness prevails.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support and love, truly. It gives me hope for the future before there were doubts and fear. Doubts because the state of fitness is on a downward trajectory 1  Fear of failure because the message of the book cannot be manufactured, gimmickised or explained in 140 characters. Or even 280.

But my concerns were unwarranted. There is humanity, understanding, and intelligence in this Godforsaken place. There is a yearning for truth and competence, not chicks and CPM-ads. There are others like me, tired of fake news, Insta-bullshit and supplement whores. I knew that, of course. But I didn’t know they’ll be as numerous as this.

The success of my book proves it. It also proves that the Internet allows everyone to live the real American dream. If you’re willing to dig in and clock in consistently, you can still make a good living doing hard, honest work.

I haven’t spent a dime on ads. Haven’t bothered with SEO, keywords or any of that shit. I’ve only focused on my craft for these last 15 months. My writing, my experience and the art of no-bullshit. 2 And depending on your region, I was #1 on Amazon last time I checked. With just the Kindle out. Effectively halving my salves, rank and etc, etc. whatnot. Still number one.

But to do all this, I had to walk The Hard Way. I hope that most of you mean what that entails by now. It’s explained in the book and it’s one among many truths in there that no one else would tell you if they knew. It takes a lot more than an app or a push-up bra to “become your best self.” 3

But the price was high and it was the hardest thing I’ve done. Everything pales in comparison and even that’s an understatement. Suffice to say, I’m still walking that Way and I won’t last long if I don’t stop for a break. I’m nipping it in the bud this time around.


I hope your perception of me isn’t smeared by the announcement I’m about to make. I for one am pissed at myself, rest assured of that. The combination of many things, including the failure of others, the revisions needed for the print, the side projects for Patreon and this website plus my naive expectations of myself and the team, means I need to make a few announcements today.

The Leangains Method: Hardcopy

The print edition will be delayed for – you know what, I better not say. But if you take what I said before (Aug 31st or Sept 3rd) plus Labor day and add a week, you get a date. That date is dependent on me completing my task by Monday. Who knows, I might not. I’m just exhausted and I’m taking a rest. Days, not weeks, so don’t get your panties in a twist.

To the many people whose lives I’ve already affected, especially to those who wrote a nice review on Amazon, Goodreads, personal blog or email, my sincere thanks for your support. I know now how you feel,  and we feel the same about things. I’m just the loudmouth talking and writing about it all the time.

There are expectations when you make it. To be grateful, to be happy, to run a ‘launch campaign’ and to interact with everyone. I tick the grateful-box 4 times and leave the other boxes empty. I can’t fake it and I never will, and right now I feel like shit most of the time. This has nothing to do with you and a lot to do with myself and those around me. 4

But I will recover and I will do what I say I will. And as long as I keep getting up, I will be able to show my gratitude a little better.

Other Stuff

In regards to Patreon, my presence there hasn’t been as stellar as I’ve hoped. That’s probably what bothers me the most. But I’ve started posting The Leangains Method-extras such as sample menus and stories.  (Combined. Which kind of works in the case of WGC.)

Another post goes up tonight and it’s a new feature that I think will be useful and pay dividends in the long run. I’m calling it Rule of Thumb.

Two bigger projects are on their way. Implementation will start as soon as they’re ready – ain’t up to me, but I have smart folks standing by to do the deed. I’m just frustrated some can’t – and their ineptitude is costing me far more than a refund righteously issued. Talking about the idiot I fired yesterday and please believe I’m understating it. I’m a professional myself and never promise to do what’s outside of my skillset.

The Leangains Method FAQ will be updated once corrections are done. By the looks of it, nothing is confusing or unclear and it shouldn’t be. Because I take my time and think things through. And that’s what I’ll be spending my few days of rest doing. So that’s what.

That’s all for now, guys.

P.S. I’m on Goodreads and look forward to spending more time there. Never checked it out until recently and it’s right up my alley. Leave questions if you want. 🙂

  1. It’s not always been that way and you may not agree. That’s because you don’t know and you don’t see. You don’t see the broscience 2.0 and you don’t even know how it works. I know and I’ll deal with it soon enough
  2. The honest expression, if you want to call it that. There’s writing and there’s writing. 
  3. Been seeing this bullshit catchphrase everywhere.
  4. The sheer incompetence or the mediocre efforts of freelancers hired. Not referring to the book-team, just a little, mainly those uninvested hired to do programming tasks. I fired one yesterday. I’ve fired 3 people in the last year, hired two, and are testing 3. These last 3 have done excellent so far and will become part of the main team, which is just me and the two acknowledged in the book. But still that’s a 37.5% firing rate.
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