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The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Book Bundle

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot answers all the common and not so common questions about fat loss, so if you have never tried to lose fat before then you hit the jackpot and just got the best first timers guide you can get..

Leigh Peele

This product package consist of two main books, and several other booklets. I have read them all and will do an extensive review on one of the main books (The Fat Loss Troubleshoot), and mini-reviews of the other books. The Metabolic Repair Manual, which is part of the book bundle, is reviewed here.

Who is this book for?

Everyone that wants to lose fat. It’s a very user friendly guide to fat loss, from the very basics to the more advanced stuff.

What will I learn from it?

The book covers just about every topic pertaining to fat loss; you’ll learn how to eat for fat loss, how to train for fat loss, how to measure your progress, how to keep yourself motivated, behavioral strategies and much more.

Strong points

  • Very user friendly.
  • Covers just about every aspect of dieting and provdes solutions to common obstacles people are bound to encounter sooner or later. Leigh further illustrates her points with some case studies that really hammers down the message.
  • Written with a good sense of humour and is enjoyable to read.
  • The advice given here is solid and delivered in a manner that will appeal a lot to the average joe. Down to earth, ‘real talk’ kind of advice.

Weak points

  • Grammar, sentencing and such. One thing, perhaps trivial, that irritates me is how Leigh likes to put big letters on some words; cortisol becomes Cortisol, triglycerides is Triglycerides and so forth. Stop doing that, goddamnit.
  • No reference list is a minus in my book. Not that there’s many crazy claims that I really need to double check, but it’s neat to have; for example, Leigh mentions that anorexics have a lower production of ghrelin, which is one thing that I would have liked to see the reference for.
  • A few unsubstantiated claims are made, such as streching being key to preventing your muscles getting bulky. This is, as far as I know, not true.


Leigh is less about glamour and fancy words, and more about real talk that connects to the reader. Although lacking some technical finesse, the information and advice given here is solid gold – especially for someone that hasn’t had a lot of experience or success with dieting in the past. This is by far one of the best all-around diet books on the market right now.

Mini-reviews of the other books

Metabolic Repair Manual

A comprehensive book that covers thyroids, eating disorders, metabolic problems and how to recover from them.
I have reviewed this separately here.

Fat Loss Troubleshoot-Audio Program

Audio follow along for the book.

Mini-review: Only listened to the first chapter, but this seems really good – it’s not Leigh reading the book for you, it’s her talking about various issues pertaining to the topic at hand. Like the writing style in the book, it’s done with a sense of humour.

OPT For Fat Loss

“Rapid Fat loss program for those looking to lose a large amount of weight”

Mini-review: “Training for fat loss should not be such a complicated process” Oh really? Then why the hell does the core program here consist of every damn foo-foo movement ever devised, to be performed on a Swiss ball to boot? Leigh must have been hitting the bong pipe really hard before she wrote this. Worst piece of the book bundle.

OPT For Fat Loss Remix

Body recomposition program.

Mini-review: A lot better than the first OPT. This time around you won’t feel like a fruitcake in the gym.

The Maintenance Manual

Guide that helps you keep the fat off.

Mini-review: Pretty sound advice on how to maintain low body fat once you reach your goal.

The Water Manual

A manual that goes over contest and photo shoot prep and water manipulation.

Mini-review: This is good and the advice given for drying out is pretty solid.

Meal Plans 2.0

Meal plan guide in grams ranging from 1200 to 2400 calories a day

Mini-review: Personally, I think that protein is on the low side for the very low (1500)

Overall, book bundle

You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here. The two main books are clearly the highlights, but overall this is a solid package well worth the price. If you’re searching for a little something to help you get in great shape for 2009, look no further than this.

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