The best way to celebrate your 29th birthday is with some good old cheesecake mastery. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

Big Cheesecake
The official Leangains Cheesecake (TM) weighing in at a respectable 7 lbs.
Cheesecake without some portions
This one was au naturel. No cherries, no blueberries, no raspberries, no nothing. A no bullshit cheesecake. I actually prefer it that way because I want to be able to add whatever I damn please. Whipping cream, peanut butter, more whipping cream, etc.
Cheesecake with Protein Fluff topping
I tried it with protein fluff this time around. Fits perfect. The protein fluff above is made with blackberries by the way. I should probably do a protein fluff special some time. Making perfect fluff is an art and my techniques have evolved by leaps and bounds.
Portion of Cheesecake
Martin happily resting
In a state of pure bliss…

I have to admit though, I didn’t eat the whole cake. First of all, I wanted to save a few slices for my buddies. Second of all, I just got too damn full. I had to spread it out over two days. Yeah, I’m getting old…

By the way, don’t ask about the cheesecake recipe. It’s a family secret. I might give it away some day but it won’t be here and now. Mom would strangle me.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on Facebook, Twitter, in blog comments and emails.Though I couldn’t reply to everyone, I appreciate each and every one of the hundreds of birthday wishes I received.

I also want to give a special thanks to everyone who has donated to my site so far. It’s good to see that people appreciate my site and the time I’ve put into my articles. Like I wrote earlier, I will reward several donors in the near future.

P.S. You haven’t seen the cheesecake mastery of Christmas yet…But rest assured it’s coming. The reason for the delay is a conflict with The Cheesecake Council. The elders argue that the documentation surrounding the events that evening must not be revealed to the public. But I will get my will through, you can count on that.

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