You might not know this but aside from having attained the highest rank in cheesecake mastery, I am also an ambitious scholar of meat mastery and beermanship. This last weekend, on Midsummer’s Eve, I decided it was time to introduce Marjan, an eager Leangains apprentice, to these fine arts. I told him it was time to do 4-lbs-of-meat-and-a-Heineken.

This is one of numerous secrets of my method, previously only revealed to my insiders circle of clients.

Martin drinking a beer
Unfortunately our grill was to small to accomodate 4 lbs of meat, so we had to fill up the quota with grilled chicken wings and breasts from the deli.
2lbs of Pork Tenderloin being grilled
2 lbs of pork tenderloin. The secret to grilling pork tenderloin is to not cut it up until the very end. That way the juices stay in the meat, which makes it nice and tasty.
Chicken Wings on the grill
The meat ended up just perfect. Very succulent. Goes to show how far you can go with a $3-grill if you have superior skills.
Marjan eating
Martin eating
Good stuff. I should note that my personal record is 2.1 kg meat, almost 5 lbs, in one sitting. 4-lbs-of-meat-and-a-Heineken is truly a beginner’s course. Much greater challenges lies ahead for young Marjan.
Dishes and sauce
By the way, we made a kick ass sauce. It’s on the upper left corner of the table. Just mix cottage cheese and ketchup and there you have it. Goes very well with grilled meat.
Marjan with thumbs up

Final score

  • Marjan: 1.5 lbs meat, x bottles of Heineken and half a bottle of wine.
  • Martin: 2.5 lbs meat, x bottles of Heineken and half a bottle of wine.

As you can see I am the clear winner here. However, one must be patient with the young. Progressive overloading is the key. We ate a bunch of other stuff after this. It’s funny how you can be full from a meal…and then, when presented with other food choices, suddenly your appetite comes back with a vengeance.

Dog with yeah buddy in message buble
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