As some of you might know, I announced a new holiday yesterday; 16:8 Day, named so for reasons outlined in the Instagram post, one of them being the release of The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected.

Naturally, there is only one way to celebrate such a day. I’m talking about cheesecake mastery. After my announcement, I cracked my knuckles, rolled up my sleeves and ripped my shirt off. Then I did the Cheesecake kata, a backflip, and landed in The Hungry Man Stance – a style of cheesecake-fu that makes onlookers dismiss the practitioner as harmless at first; and once they learn of their error, it’s already too late. 1

Hungry Man was promptly followed by The Cleaning Man, a technique I developed a decade ago. The particulars are detailed in The Leangains Method, but let’s just say that it is deceptive – and extremely powerful if used correctly. 2Finally, I ended with a Sticky Fingers Combo. There is neither subterfuge or deception at play here; only speed and power as the helpless cheesecake becomes the object of my rapid pickings, disappearing piece by piece with each blow.

Ah, yes. I still had it. These moves are researched, practiced and perfected through decades and once you learn, it’s like riding a bicycle. Months may go by without practice, but once it’s time to show up, it’s all there.

But the book writing has taken a toll on my body and I only made it to the 45% mark before I passed out. I woke up 5 hours later, at 3 AM, drenched in sweat and for a brief second, no recollection of who I was, where I was or what I am. I reported my unexpected absence to my team and slept for another 11 hours (!), believe it or not. I’ve been averaging 3-4 hours of sleep these last two weeks so I guess it finally caught up with me.

Cheesecake Halfmastered
45% sounds about right, no?

But I didn’t write this post to talk about my cheesecake exploits, so let’s move on.

I Want To Say

  • Thanks to everyone who bought the book and is helping to spread the word with a review, social media post or whatever else that brings it to people’s attention. It’s a great book – otherwise, I would have never released it. But I did it at the worst possible time, which is at the end of summer and the crowd that needs this the most never buys diet books at this time of the year. 3 Furthermore, I suck at marketing, keywords, SEO, never do ads or any of that shit others are well-versed in. But I can write and I know the things I write about very well, so I’m hoping the quality of the book will sell itself through word of mouth.
  • Every single word in the book is mine and that goes for my Amazon page as well. The copy (description)  that’s supposed to sell the book is terrible for reasons outlined above. I know that and I’m sorry. It was a rushed ranting but I’d rather do that than have buzzword filled bullshit there. That said, rewriting it is on a long list of urgent matters that I’ll be occupied in the days to come. I do regret using the “secret” trope because that’s something that can never be justified by those searching for errors to critique. If the research is out but no knows about it, it’s not a secret. Nothing’s a secret then according to that logic.
  • I should have placed emphasis on “life-changing” instead and for $10, it’s downright disgusting how little you can pay to have your life changed. That’s not a lie. If someone had given me this two decades ago, I’d saved myself 7 years of dieting hell. With this book, you can – and/or you can change someone else’s life by gifting it to someone who deserves it. 4
  • The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected. is a long and, at times, complex book. I mean that in the sense that with so many numbers, footnotes and scientific references, minor errors are bound to find themselves in the first edition no matter how many revisions the manuscript goes through. The current ones are minor and have no impact on the content or its outcome; I will collect them all in a list during the weekend and have my editors sort them out in due time for the print manuscript that we are in the midst of preparing. On the same day, the Kindle edition will be updated to include these corrections. 5
  • During the weekend, complementary tools for The Leangains Method will become available on this site, and additional ones will become available on Leangains Patreon. These include calculators and logs tied to the book. Please keep in mind that these are copyright protected and this time, infringement will not be dealt with lightly. Since that stuff isn’t handled by me, please don’t post fan-made versions on your site. I’d hate to see a supporter getting caught up in legal trouble.
  • The Leangains Method FAQ will be updated this weekend and continuously as questions come in. So keep an eye out.

  1. The Hungry Man appears like any other man at first, but his hunger is of an unearthly kind. He strolls by casually – and releases his inhuman desires, swallowing the cake in one fell swoop. It is over before it’s started.
  2. The Cleaning Man technique is described in “The Hard Way” – and so are its horrifying consequences if the practitioner’s skills aren’t up to the challenge. A decade ago, I experienced them first hand. I still have nightmares.
  3. Late summer/fall is a terrible time for diet/health related books regardless of demographics.
  4. Unfortunately, it appears gifting is unavailable in some countries. Gift or buy them the print version instead which will be out in 2 weeks.
  5. Examples: I say “13 years ago” when it should be 12 years ago, and in one chapter on intermittent fasting, I say “two” when I mean “one” when discussing studies on weight training and intermittent fasting. Those kinds of things.
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