I will briefly outline the benefits of IF in this post.

All the claims made are scientifically proven through empirical studies on humans.

  • Increased insulin sensitivity, possibly resulting in superior nutrient partitioning as compared o traditional meal patterns; especially when combined with weightlifting. There are also several other health benefits, including improved blood lipids (scientifically proven).
  • Possible to reduce bodyfat and increase lean mass through a cyclic calorie intake.
  • No more obsessive thinking about food and worrying about eating every second hour.
  • Very liberal approach to calorie intake in the eating window (8 hrs) and post-workout window; you can eat to your hearts content and still lose bodyfat.
  • Increased mental focus, energy and productivity during the fast.
  • Increased metabolism during the fast. Ironically, most people think it麓s the other way around.
  • Appetite suppression during the fast. This is particularily beneficial if your main priority is to lose bodyfat.

That being said, IF is not a universal solution to gaining lean mass and losing bodyfat. Just like there are people that prefer high carbohydrate diets, and loathe low carb diets, some people will prefer a higher meal frequency and more regular meal patterning. However, those that like IF rarely go back to their old habits of meal patterning and meal frequencies.