Welcome to the new and improved Leangains! The move from Blogger to WordPress has been a long time coming. Now that it’s done, I’ve a hard time explaining why it took so damn long. Guess one of my many shortcomings is trying to do everything myself, and that means some things never get done. Or take a hell of a lot longer. This year, I’ve been ridding myself of such character flaws. Next year, we’ll harvest the fruits of that labour.

Here’s a few things I want to address:

  1. The previous site was a nightmare in terms of user-friendliness. Hell, I couldn’t even find my own shit. This one might not be perfect the minute it goes live, but a vast improvement still. If you have any suggestions on further improvements, I’m listening.
  2. Expect new and original content soon. Since we last spoke, I’ve learned and discovered so much, I’m bursting at the seams. My views on weight training, in particular, have evolved by leaps and bounds. Some of this newfound knowledge will arrive in my newsletter. If you want to get stronger, leaner and smarter – subscribe. Won’t bother you with the usual bullshit newsletters are used for
  3. I’ve updated Supplements You Might Actually Find Useful
  4. Looking for a graphic artist. Send your portfolio/CV to martinberkhan at gmail dot com.
  5. Might want to hold off buying any diet books until January 2-9 rolls around. Just saying.
  6. Nobel prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi is on my diet. ‘Nuff said…

That’s all, guys. A quickie to let you know I’m back at it. A new post will be up Thursday. No, seriously.

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