Some random client updates. Other people I’ve worked with can be found in the Testimonials section.

Client 1

Kenneth used the Leangains approach between 12th of August and 1st of November. He lost a significant amount of fat mass, yet gained a respectable amount of strength. While no bodycomposition analysis is done on this client, it’s hard to tell if he gained lean body mass, although Kenneth personally feels this occurred. More information can be found at Kenneth’s blog

Kenneth — Leangains Progress — 12th of August
Kenneth on the 12th of August.
Kenneth — During Leangains — 12th of August
Kenneth — During Leangains — 12th of August
Kenneth on the 1st of November.

Client 2

Brendan after 4 weeks with the Leangains approach. He dropped approximately 2% bodyfat, while simultaneously gaining a significant amount of strength.

Brendan — Before Leangains
Brendan before his Leangains trial.
Brendan — After Leangains
Brendan after.

Client 3

A bodycomposition analysis done after 5 weeks on the Leangains approach. These numbers show that it’s possible for some to actually gain muscle mass while dropping bodyfat. No pictures are available for this client yet.

22.09.07 30.10.07
weight 72,6kg 70,9kg (-1,7kg)
lean body mass 60,3kg 60,6kg (+0,3kg)
fat mass 12,3kg 10,3kg (-2,0kg)
fat% 16,9% 14,6% (-2,3%)

Client 4

Old one, been up before on this site, but these pics are pretty illustrative I think. 14 weeks between these pics. While bodyweight only changed by -1 lbs, he lowered his bodyfat drastically (14% vs 8.5%) while gaining lean body mass and strength.

Client Before Leangains
Client After Leangains