My good friend Tom Venuto has thrown out a Holiday Fitness Challenge to his readers.

Some might recall my discussion with Tom a while back, where I confronted him on his views on meal frequency. To my disappointment, he ended up agreeing with me on the issue that a high meal frequency does zilch to boost your metabolism.

To be honest, I was secretly looking for a fierce debate. But Tom is one of the few gurus out there that actually cares about being scientifically correct and updated, which is a rarity in the fitness industry. For that he gets my respect.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle — Book Cover

His book is also the most complete package about weight training and nutrition that money can buy. You can read my review here.

I’ll pay you 500$

For those motivated, I encourage you to go and cheat on Tom’s challenge by using a low meal frequency diet of two to three meals a day. I know Tom is a fan of higher meal frequencies, and it would be sweet if someone won the challenge by not using the higher meal frequency approach suggested in Burn The Fat.

The registration has just opened and the winners get a trip to Jamaica.

On top of that, I’ll personally reward the winners with a 500$ cash prize if the following conditions are met:

  1. Eat two to three big meals a day (instead of smaller, more frequency meals).
  2. Register and make the purchase(s) via the links in this post. The name on the credit card owner is what makes you eligible to receive the 500$ cash prize* from me.

* transaction via PayPal.

…And one more thing – I will not be available to coach you during the competition, so please do not send me e-mails asking for diet advice- that’s what Tom’s book is for. You’ll also get even more great information from Tom if you sign up for an Inner Circle Membership.

This should be fun. Good luck.

P.S. Registration is open until November 25th.