Fasted Training Boosts Endurance and Muscle Glycogen

In this article I wrote about a study that showed an anabolic rebound effect during feeding after fasted weight training. The title of that article ended with a question mark, since it was a (very) short-term study with results that were far from conclusive in regards to fasted training being superior to fed state training. […]

10 Random Thoughts On Weight Training: Part Two

Random stuff I’ve either discussed or thought about in the last few days. You can read part one here. Some workouts don’t go as planned. Even if your diet has been on point and even if you feel well rested from your last session. If you are attuned to your body and its limits, you […]

Early Morning Fasted Training

In the Leangains Guide I wrote the following: My general position on the fasted phase is that it should last through the night and during the morning hours. Ideally the fast should then be broken at noon or shortly thereafter if you arise at 6-7 AM like most people. Afternoons and evenings are usually spent […]

The Leangains Guide

It’s about time I compiled a comprehensive guide to my system, so here it is. Note: A more current version of this guide, The Leangains Guide 2.0, is available in my book, The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected. That doesn’t mean you have to buy my book to get results. However, I […]

Book Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets Written in a straight forward, easy to understand manner, Muscle Gaining Secrets provides the road map to success which can instantly be applied by anyone. Jason Ferruggia Who is this book for? This book is primarily directed towards “hardgainers,” but everyone spinning their wheels with the generic high-volume muscle magazine-esque pump-routines would […]

The Secret Benefit of Being Lean

I sometimes get asked how it “feels to be lean” or hear remarks like “it must be awesome to be lean all the time“. I reply that I feel great and that being lean feels great. But that’s not the whole truth. People with a remote interest in fitness and health usually aspire to get […]

10 Random Thoughts On Weight Training

Just some random stuff I’ve either discussed or thought about in the last few days. The deadlift is poorly suited to a high training frequency. I’ve never derived any benefit from training the lift more than once per week; and even that is pushing it in terms of recovery if I’m squatting heavy within that […]

How to Deal With Water Retention: Part Two

In part one of this article series I covered the basics of water retention. This time I’ll list a few effective tricks that will help you deal with it when and if it occurs. Don’t worry, you won’t be sweating it out in a sauna and sucking on ice cubes. I’ll offer simple and non-intimidating […]

How to Deal With Water Retention: Part One

In an ideal world, weight loss would be perfectly linear. You’d lose weight in a predictable manner, seeing small but consistent changes each passing day. But this is rarely the case, which my experience has proven me many times over. If you’ve ever been on a diet and tracked your progress with the scale or […]