Maximum Muscular Potential of Drug-Free Athletes (Updated Dec 31st)

What is the maximum muscular potential of drug-free athletes or natural bodybuilders? And what does it take to get there? That’s the topic I’m going to revisit today. I’ve talked about the maximum muscular potential before in the short article “What’s my Genetic Muscular Potential”, where I presented a formula based on the heights and […]

Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition Review

Eat Stop Eat Expanded Edition is the newly released update of Brad Pilon’s three-year-old book about intermittent fasting. This is the first and only review you’ll need to read on it. Right off the bat, let me say that the new edition is a tremendous improvement over the original Eat Stop Eat. Brad has given […]

High Reps vs Low Reps For Muscle Gain: Roundtable With The Experts

Do high reps build more muscle than low reps? This is the first hot topic up for discussion in this upcoming series of roundtables where I bring together the brightest minds in nutrition and weight training science. Besides the original four horsemen, that is yours truly, Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon and Borge Fagerli, I have […]

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program Review

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program Concurrent muscle gain and fat loss is the most difficult goal to achieve. That’s why people call it the “Holy Grail”; because it’s so elusive. Tom Venuto Who is this book for? Anyone seeking the most coveted goal of them all: losing fat while gaining muscle. Body recomposition. What […]

Leangains Pre-Contest Training

Here’s a video of Andreaz Engström, current nordic bodybuilding champ and client of mine, preparing for the national championship in Athletic Fitness 2010. Andreaz does about half of his training fasted. Heavy compound movements predominantely, no pikachu-stuff. He’s about 6 weeks out here and strong as ever. This is a new challenge for Andreaz and […]

Do Raspberries Stunt Muscle Growth? And much more

Some highlights from my twitter between January and April, with additional commentary. I tend to tweet about recent scientific findings and other stuff I find interesting. Do raspberries stunt muscle growth? Tweet: “I’m a sucker for raspberries and sometimes eat them by the pound as a treat with cinnamon or cacao. Raspberry ketones may have […]

The truth about alcohol, fat loss and muscle growth

I’ve been getting tons of questions relating to alcohol and fat loss lately. Happens every time summer rolls around. Outdoor parties, clubbing, vacations and the whole shebang. Alcohol is a key ingredient. What people want to know is basically how fattening alcohol is, how it affects protein synthesis, how to make it work with their […]

Fasted Training Boosts Endurance and Muscle Glycogen

In this article I wrote about a study that showed an anabolic rebound effect during feeding after fasted weight training. The title of that article ended with a question mark, since it was a (very) short-term study with results that were far from conclusive in regards to fasted training being superior to fed state training. […]

10 Random Thoughts On Weight Training: Part Two

Random stuff I’ve either discussed or thought about in the last few days. You can read part one here. Some workouts don’t go as planned. Even if your diet has been on point and even if you feel well rested from your last session. If you are attuned to your body and its limits, you […]